Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY flower garland tutorial - begginer level

This a very simple project how to make crochet flower garland. It includes 1 flower pattern and one leaf pattern. You can make a pretty decoration for your home or garden. You may use it for making many other project as hair pin, hair band, necklace, brooch etc. Please note this pattern uses standard crochet abbreviations.You can find a list of all standard abbreviations http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards.html

Materials:You may choose some nice colors from your "leftovers".In my case yellow(color A),pink, lavender, fuchsia(color B) and green(color C).
The thickness of the yarn determines diameter of flower. Gauge doesn't really matter.
Hook - use the recommended crochet hook size found on the label of the yarn.
Tapestry needle

Flower center - color A
Round 1: Make a magic circle
Chain 9 . Join the last chain to the first with a sl st. Pull magic circle tightFlower petals - color B
Round 2: Attach the yarn color B.1 sl st,1 sl st, 3 dc in the first sc, sl st in the next sc. Here you have your first petal. Repeat it 4 times. Create 5 petals total.Sl st to join with first sc of first petal.
Fasten off leaving a tail and secure ends using the tapestry needle. Leaf - color C
Ch 6. Sc in the fifth ch.Dc in next ch(3). Sc in last ch.Fasten off leaving a tail and secure ends using the tapestry needle.Assembling the lariat
Ch 10, sl st in top of one leaf, ch 10,Ch 10, sl st in top of one flower, ch 10,
Follow this pattern until you reach the garland length you need and all flowers and leaves are joined, ch 10. Fasten off.



Assia said...

Great tutorial...now I may switch to knitting instead jewelry making :) …..but no joking some of the knitting techniques are very useful in jewelry making…thank you for the beautiful and detailed tutorial…

AmyandPia said...

oh pretty pretty :-) Lovely colours!

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